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Q Acoustics M20 - Wireless Stereo System

Q Acoustics M20 - Wireless Stereo System

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The M20 HD audio system is meticulously crafted to deliver an impactful wireless high-resolution stereo sound experience. It offers unparalleled immersion, allowing you to enjoy music, movies, and gaming sound throughout your home. The M20 is a revolutionary wireless technology that provides flexibility and versatility. With multiple inputs, it can accommodate your TV, gaming console, set-top box, turntable, or any other device you desire, enhancing the high-resolution stereo experience. Additionally, it features a subwoofer output for those moments when you want to truly shake the room. Regardless of your audio preferences, the M20 is capable of handling it all with ease.


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Powerful and immersive stereo sound for music, movies and gaming, anywhere in the home.
  • Features aptX™ HD Bluetooth® connectivity for wireless streaming of high resolution-quality audio (up to 24-bit/48kHz) and native 24bit/192kHz compatibility via a USB connection to a computer.
  • Features array of inputs to connect games console, TV, turntable, set-top box, CD player and portable music players.
  • Award-winning internal P2P™ (Point to Point) eliminates cabinet distortion and guarantees precise stereo imaging.
  • Uses a 22mm decoupled High Frequency Driver creating a wide even dispersion of stereo sound.

Whether listening to music, watching TV or movies or gaming, the M20’s advanced driver technology is designed to produce low-distortion, accurate but highly immersive stereo sound. Powered by a built-in amplifier providing 64 watts of digital power, the 22mm tweeter is decoupled to minimise any internal vibrations that can adversely affect the audio, while the 125mm mid/bass driver and rear-firing reflex port in each speaker combine to deliver a sound of outstanding balance and drive. From deep but nuanced low-frequencies to its crisp, attacking highs, and with a midrange that’s simply packed with information, the M20 is always a dynamic but poised and engaging listen.

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