Multiple Projectors Screens Options Available In Market.

When it comes to choosing projector screens, there's a multiple options available in home theatre market ranging from traditional to Ambient Light Rejecting screens, fixed frame screens, motorized screens, roll-up screens, portable screens, ceiling recessed screens, tensioned screens and ultra short throw (UST) screens.

 Multiple Projectors Screens Options Available In Market-

1. Traditional Projector Screens:

These projector screens are typically made of matte white or gray fabric.

Traditional projector screens are ideal for environments with controlled lighting, such as dedicated home theaters or conference rooms with dimmed lights.

These projectors provide good colour accuracy and contrast in low-light settings. 

2. Ambient Light Rejecting Screens (ALR)

ALR Screens are also known as 'Optical Screens' as they contain patented lens nano-technologies to achieve such extraordinary results.

Ideal for rooms with high ambient light, such as living rooms with windows or commercial spaces with bright lighting.

ALR screens comes in various types, such as angular reflective technologies, micro-bead each offering  specific benefits in different lighting conditions.

ALR screens are compatible with all standard projectors.

3. Fixed Frame Screens

  Fixed frame screens are stretched tightly across a fixed frame and mounted on wall, these screens are non-movable.

Fixed frame screens provide a sleek and professional appearance, often preferred for home theaters and high-end installations.

4. Motorized Screens

 Motorized screens includes a wireless RF-remote control for easy operations, just sit back in your sofa and enjoy the show. 

5. Roll-Up Screens

These screens can be handled very easily because of its portability.

This makes roll-up screens suitable for temporary setups or locations with limited space.

6. Ceiling-Recessed Screens

These screens are installed into the ceiling, providing a hidden and clean appearance when not in use.

7. Tensioned Screens

Tensioned screens use tensioning systems to keep the screen surface flat and wrinkle-free, ensuring optimal image quality.

8. Ultra Short Throw

Specifically designed for UST projectors.

These screens allow for close placement of the projector near the screen, often providing a cleaner and more integrated look in living rooms or classrooms.


Here we have mentioned everything related to screens and types of screens, get through our blog briefly before buying. Consider your specific needs, space, budget and lightning conditions when choosing the right projector screen for your setup. Each type has its advantages, and the choice ultimately depends on your need. 

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